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Most frequent asked questions

How do I assemble a low poly papercraft kit?

Refer to the instructions printed inside your package and for extra help you can also find extra instructions here

Happy crafting!

Free bonus : All our papercraft are delivered with a pre-cut and pre-scored practice kit so you can practice on a smaller piece first.

Assembling our papercraft models requires a learning curve, do not skip this step :)

What are low poly papercraft ?

Low poly papercrafts are three-dimensional puzzles made
from paper or cardboard materials that feature low-polygon designs.

The term "low poly" refers to a style of 3D modeling that uses a minimal number of polygons (the basic building blocks of
3D models) to create geometrically simple shapes.

In the context of papercraft kitss, this style translates
into puzzles with simplified, angular, and geometric designs rather than highly
detailed or realistic ones. Our papercraft models are assembled by folding and
gluing pieces together.

Low poly papercrafts are a fun and creative way to engage in DIY activities and create stunning pieces of decor.

Are your papercraft kits suitable for all ages ?

Our papercraft models are intended for adults and
young adults, so based on our experience: 10/12 yrs old and + is recommended.

Nevertheless, younger kids can participate in the process. Our puzzles have proven to be a great family activity. The younger one folding the pieces while the older are gluing and assembling.

What will I need to assemble my papercraft model?

You will need either craft glue (tacky liquid glue), strong double side adhesive tape (6mm wide) or glue dots rollers.

We recommend using a wooden toothpick or coffee stirrer to apply the glue.

Small scissors will be required if you will be using the double-sided tape option.

We don't recommend glue stick, they can be messy and long to dry.

All glue or adhesive are not made equals, so we
recommended particularly : 

Aleene's Original Tacky Glue :

Michaels Canada Link
Michaels USA Link 
Amazon Link

How long does it take to assemble our papercraft kits?

There is no exact answer, as it depends on each person's experience and dexterity. There are no rules, just enjoy the moment and take your time. Do it all at once, or during several session, and listen to what you feel like doing.
All we know is once you start and get the hang of it, it's hard to put is aside.

Certainly, the models with the most pieces will take longer than those with the fewest, but we feel that it is not the point.

Don't loose sight that the aim is to take time for yourself, forget time for a moment and enjoy a moment of calm, so it doesn't matter whether you finish a puzzle in 1 or 4 hours, the important thing is to have taken quality time for yourself or with friends and family.

Do I need to print and cut your papercraft models?

Absolutely not! we want your experience do the most fun and relaxing it can be.

So all of our pieces are pre-cut and pre-scored, all you need to do is fold and glue.

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head of a 3D papercraft fox being assembled

Are your papercraft models eco-friendly?

All our puzzles are made from 250gsm cardboard, therefore they're recyclable.

Nevertheless, the idea is to keep them as long as possible, so even if you get bored with them over time, remember to give them to someone else before you recycle them. Give them a 2nd life.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we ship all over the world.

Just note it is not delivered as fast as in Canada and the USA. We strongly recommend you select an option with tracking when shipping internationally.

What is your return policy?

You can refer to our return policy here.

Can you make custom papercraft models?

Yes, because we are first and foremost the designer behind of all of our puzzles (which is rare in the industry - don't get us started on the matter).

We have made exclusive models for retailers, or larger corporations such Mattel or Cirque du Soleil. Check our instagram for examples and contact us to discuss

Do you offer bulk or wholesale discounts for larger orders?

Yes. You can refer to wholesale section here for more information and contact us.