Fold, relax, repeat!

For recommendations on the most suitable glue or adhesive, please refer to the FAQ section.
(Stay away from glue stick, they are a mess and use instead scrapbooking paper glues and adhesives)

If this is your first 3D puzzle, start by assembling the practice kit included with your model.

1. Let's start by punching out all of the pieces from the sheets and organize them by ascending order

Be gentle to avoid any accidental rips.

Look out for the large numbers on each piece; they're like puzzle guides, helping us figure out which pieces to assemble at the moment!

It is important to assemble the pieces in ascending order: piece 01, then piece 02, piece 03 etc.

The order in which you glue the tabs to the previous pieces is not important and should reflect the way you are comfortable with, placing them one after the other. No specific order here. Observe the piece and fix it to the previous in an order that make sense to you.

2. Before we dive into gluing, let's do some pre-folding where the lines are scored.

First, gently fold both ways to soften the paper, then fold either in a valley or a mountain (look for the circles) according to each tab indications.
Valley means the paper should form a V when folded, while a peak should appear when folding in a mountain.

You can use a plastic card to help you fold along some lines.


3. Time to bring out the glue!

Important: the tabs MUST BE glued INSIDE the model, with glue applied on the outside of the tab.

Observe the piece on hand, and look for the corresponding tag numbers on the previous elements, then decide in which order you’ll be more comfortable gluing the tabs one after the other.

If you find pieces marked as X-1, X-2, X3... make sure to assemble these pieces together before fixing them to your puzzle.

(yes, you can find tabs sharing the same number but never on the same pieces, so if you respect the pieces order for assembly, you’ll be fine, don’t worry)

how to glue 3d puzzle pieces


4. Once you’re done with a piece, move on to the next one.

Breaks are welcomed and encouraged. Puzzles are a relaxing activity, no rush here. Enjoy the process.

5. Keep gluing those pieces in ascending order until your masterpiece comes to life!

It's like connecting the dots to reveal a hidden picture.


Most important: Enjoy the process and have fun creating your 3D wonder!

General tips

- if you use glue, apply a little bit of glue onto a small wooden stirrer or toothpick and apply a thin layer all along the tab.

- if you use double-sided tape, make sure you have a strong adhesive tape, apply the adhesive all along the tab and press firmly each tab once fixed.

- Our items are crafted to seamlessly fit together, ensuring that each component aligns perfectly. So if it does not fit perfectly, something is off.

Have fun!